Our Story

Founder and CEO Nicholas Mozas is a graduate of the University of Guelph with honours in Biological Science and an M.Sc. in Neutragenomics. He managed an Animal Hospital after graduation, honing his business skills and gaining a better understanding of pets’ and owners’ needs. Nicholas has always loved animals. They have been a big part of his life since he spent most of his childhood on his family farm near Niagara Falls.

“The DOGORA crystal began to form on a walk I had in Guelph with my dog (Alethia) in sub-zero temperatures,” says Nicholas. “I realized that I could take the dog coat one step further by adding a power button with 3 temperature ranges to the conventional design of a dog coat. Since then, I have been helping dogs remain active, comfortable and social, regardless of the temperature outside.

“Cold climates discourage dogs of all sizes and fur compositions from going outside and staying out longer. There are many negative consequences for dogs not getting enough exercise in Winter. Generally, temperatures above 7C (44.6F) are manageable for a dog to maintain a homeostatic body temperature by using their sweat glands. However, at temperatures below 7C, some cold-averse dogs feel very uncomfortable.”

These discouraging cold climates can lead to negative health issues, including weight gain, depression, anxiety, irritability, and sometimes aggressive tendencies. DOGORA Active Wear eliminates these issues with the Three Season Heated Coat

DOGORA offers a whole new experience of warmth and fashion for your pet by providing a variety of durable, insulated, and stylish products.

“While designing DOGORA, I wanted our dogs to not only be comfortable through all elements of Mother Nature, but also provide a style that makes humans jealous of what their dog is wearing! We have made it our mission to let you and your pup enjoy the great outdoors, regardless of weather, temperature or breed size.”

Nicholas Mozas & Alethia