Frequently Asked Questions


Measure the distance in inches/centimetres from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Size for chest is adjustable for the heated coat and is one-size-fits-all for the Snuggies. Please Refer to our Size Chart:
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If your puppy is an in-between size or very fluffy, go for the larger size for the Heated Coat, Boots, and Onesie. However if your dog is sleek, choose the smaller size.

DOGORA Product Care

Note **For DOGORA Heated Coat, remove power bank before washing. If the heating panel doesn't need washing, it can be removed. Otherwise place with coat for cleaning, make sure wires and garnet is completely dry before using**

Secure all Buckles, Velcro and Buttons on DOGORA Active Wear. Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Important to Air Dry. DO NOT IRON. If placed in dryer may shrink. 

DOGORA’s innovative designs are meticulously crafted using only high quality fabrics. If there are any concerns with your product, please email us at with details and photos of our product and we will address your concern.


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The Heated Coat

The 5 volt, human safety low voltage electric power generated by the power bank creates heat via the infrared heating system. The panel tucked inside the fleece material is a composite fiber with a far-infrared heating system.

5 volts.

Human safety voltage, which is low voltage – only 5 volts.

Green Light (35 C / 95F)

Blue Light (40C / 104F)

Red Light (48C / 118.4F)

Green – Outside Temp (44F/7C to 28F/-2C)

Blue - Outside Temp(28F/-2C to 9F/-13)

Red - Outside Temp (between 9F/-13C and 13F/-25C)

The DOGORA Heated Coats typically take less than 5 minutes to reach corresponding temperature, while lasting 3hours  when placed on hightest settings. 

The coat is rain and snow resistant, and will keep your dog dry. In case your dog unexpectedly decides to go in the water (it happens), the coat’s power bank will shut-off immediately. The coat will be in working order again once it is fully dried, however the power bank will have to be replaced.

Yes. Both the coat and heating panel are machine washable. Do not wash the battery. If the heating panel doesn’t need washing, it can be removed. Important to Air Dry! Do not place clothes in dryer as they may shrink

High-Top Boot

The fabrics used in the DOGORA High-Top boots are water resistant. However, if your dog walks in snow higher than the boot, the snow may melt, run down the leg and inside.

ABSOLUTELY! No more lost boots with the all-new DOGORA design. Our 3 way system -- absolutely securing the foot -- is created by way of 2 Velcro straps and a draw string design.

DOGORA’s High-Top Boots are machine washable and air dry.

Yes they are. DOGORA High-Tops offer a comfortable, extra-large opening for easy slip on and extra comfort.

Yes, this is a normal dog reaction to the feeling of boots for the first time. To make it easier, walk a distance away from your dog and hold a treat. It will be like watching a baby take their first few steps. Try not to laugh but do take pictures.