DOGORA Philosophy

Warmth. Security. Infinity. Flexibility.


    While wearing DOGORA, your pet will generate their own, distinctive atmosphere, radiating this energy back to you and creating a lasting healthy and positive bond between you and your dog. 

    Dogs are the best recyclers of energy, turning negative energy into positive energy while maintaining a positive environment to share with you.

    Dogs are hugging each other in the logo to represent a sense of Warmth. You have become part of an ever growing family of dog lovers when you purchase and use DOGORA products.


    The dogs in the logo are looking both ways to create a sense of Security. You will rest assured that your friend is safe from the elements while wearing DOGORA products.


    The DOGORA logo also presents the image of an Infinite DOG. It is a beginning without end from pup to senior; representing the dedication, education and constant innovation DOGORA provides you and your loving friends. 


    DOGORA represents Flexibility. Within the colour patterns chosen, DOGORA creates the same experience regardless of whether your dog is Female/Male, Big/Small, Furry/Hairless, Young/Old, or Passive/Aggressive. DOGORA will love and care for dogs of all sizes and fur compositions while keeping them warm and stylish through all seasons.