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“The DOGORA Heated Coat gave winter a whole new meaning. In the past, I’ve had trouble keeping Aurora outside for extended periods of healthy exercise. Now, she is able to stay outside longer and play with her frisbee – something we have never been able to do.”

Lorrie B.

DOGORA High Top Boots have been a life changer for my puppy. With their easy, slip-on design and secure fit, we can go for our winter walks and, by the end, we still have all four boots on.”

Jessica G.

“After his surgery, the vet put a post-surgery cone on Milo. He looked very uncomfortable and tense. I used the DOGORA Snuggie after that and I could see that Milo was a lot more comfortable, mobile and relaxed with it on. His surgery healed perfectly."

Sam R.

“While using the DOGORA Winter Collection, I have noticed we can take longer walks. As well, Mochi comes back inside with clean paws with no dirt or snow on his back and belly.”

Royce B.


Winter Ready

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DOGORA Three Season Heated Coat

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DOGORA High-Top Boots

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The DOGORA Snuggie

Veterinarian have recommended the Snuggie as an alternative to the cone.They will enjoy comfort while feeling secure, warm and Snuggie.

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