Heated Coat Instructions

How to Turn On/OFF and Operate DOGORA 3 Season Heated Coat. 
  1. Place DOGORA Power Bank inside the main pocket and connect via USB cord. 
  2. Once connected you will see the power button on the coat flash white once. 
  3. Hold the Power button down on the Heated Coat for 4 seconds or until power button toggles/flashes through all 3 settings. Red-Green-Blue
  4. Click the Power button on Heated Coat once more to turn ON & initiate heating. 
  5. Click the Power button on the coat once to toggle through heat settings and pick desired temperature. Read and follow the DOGORA temperature guide when using the heated coat. We have placed an info card within your package illustrating the corresponding temperature each colour should be operated at depending on the outside temperature. ( https://www.dogora.ca/pages/temperature-guide )
  6. To turn OFF Heated Coat hold down power button on heated coat for 4 Seconds. 
"Be sure to NOT operate Heated Coat indoors, only for outdoor use when in its ON position. "