Unlock your dog's potential. Let the Brain Games Begin!

Your dog’s exercise needs are based on its age, breed, size, and overall health. It is recommended that your dog spends between 30 minutes and up to 2 hours every day being active. However, dogs are equal parts brain to muscle. Test and shape your dog’s brain using these great tips to help prevent boredom and create a sense of accomplishment for your dog. 

The DOGORA team would love to see your problem- solving Einsteins. Please share photos and videos on our Facebook page @dogora.ca and Instagram @dog.ora.

Brain Game #1 - Treasure Hunt

Lets Play Treasure Hunt... We want to see Your Pet Detective!! DOGORA wants to keep your days active and fun with our first In-Home Brain Game "The Treasure Hunt". Let's stimulate their noses and see how strong they really are. So post your Pet Detective to our Facebook page @dogora.ca and tag us on instagram @dog.ora and #dogorapaws, we would love to see your Pet Detectives.


Test you Einstein's solving abilities. This game is meant to stimulate your dog's sense of smell, while creating a challenge of incorporating their paws and jaw muscles in order to receive a positive reward. We would love to see your Einstein's. Please post your Einstein on our facebook page @dogora.ca and tag us on your Instagram @dog.ora. Have fun with this exercise and be careful.