8 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

8 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

Our best friends are good at getting what they want when they give you that adorable look. They may beg but stay strong and say “NO!” Not everything we eat works synergistically with a canine diet. Moreover, we can create and act as a catalyst to bad behaviour, health problems, and picky eating behaviours when table feeding. In fact, there are a lot of people foods that our dogs should never eat. Some are so common they will surprise you.


I know they smell and taste fantastic but baked goods, candy and many more treats sweetened with XYLITOL can cause your dog’s blood sugar to drop and, in more severe cases, cause liver failure.


We may love them because they are healthy for us, however, they contain Persin -- a fungicidal toxin found in the fruit, pits and leaves. Everything about avocados is dangerous for your dog. They can cause vomiting/diarrhea, myocardial damage, and pancreatitis.


The three ingredients a kitchen shouldn’t be without are the same ingredients you wouldn’t want your dog to eat. These vegetables are part of the allium family. When consumed in large amounts, they can kill red blood cells, causing anemia. Thankfully, they are only a serious issue when eaten raw in large amounts.


Not only do they have high fat content but they are known to be toxic to dogs at a ratio of only two nuts per pound of body weight. This results in poisoning that can lead to a temporary inability to walk.


Cooking makes bones brittle, creating  splinters when dogs chew into them. Potential outcomes are broken teeth, mouth injuries, constipation, and they can create a blockage or inflammation of stomach tissue. Moreover, meats like bacon, which are high in fat, can lead to pancreatitis.

  1. FRUITS with CORES and PITS

Although these stone fruits are not inherently bad for dogs, they pose a danger due to their pits and cores. For example, peaches, plums, and even corn can create obstructions in your dog’s stomach and intestines, ultimately necessitating surgery.


These are foods that dogs should never get their paws on. Chocolate contains caffeine which can lead to vomiting, dehydration, muscle tremors, irregular heartbeat and much worse. When chocolate is ingested in any amount, it is best to bring your dog to your vet ASAP. For unknown reasons, grapes and raisins can cause rapid kidney failure in dogs. It’s also not a good idea to share salty foods such as chips and pretzels with your dog. Eating too much salt can cause serious thirst, meaning lots of trips to the tree, while potentially leading to sodium ion poisoning.

  1. DAIRY

Typically, dogs are lactose intolerant. They share similar symptoms to people who have this condition. Eating foods like milk, cheese and ice cream can lead to a variety of stomach issues.

 “Love Can Kill”

Don’t feed your dogs anything without fully understanding the repercussions of what is being given as a treat. We all want to show our pets how much we love them, but slipping treats off your plate can be dangerous. No matter how careful you are, your dog might find and swallow something they shouldn’t. Keep the numbers to your local veterinarian, emergency clinic and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control center (888)426-4435 handy at all times.  

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